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February City Council Meeting Minutes


Mayor Jeremiah Renken called the meeting to order on February 4, 2019 at 6:34pm in the Community Room located at 402 Mellette Street. Present: Mayor Jeremiah Renken; Council members Sue Vogt, Shelly Jons, Maritta Brown, Ed Jons and John Moor. Absent: Mark Knutson; others present: City Administrator Cody Spann, and Maintenance Superintendent Jason Jons.


Motion by Sue Vogt, seconded by Ed Jons, to approve the agenda as presented, all stated aye; motion carried.

Previous Minutes

Motion by John Moor, seconded by Maritta Brown, to approve the minutes of the previous council meeting as read, all stated aye; motion carried.

Old Business

Discussion on the S-10 Pickup.

New Business

Discussion on a request from Post 36 Fitness to utilize one of the outlet services from Golden West that is provided to the City for free of charge. The City Administrator is to check with Golden West and see if it is something possible and if so to go ahead and let Post 36 utilizes it.

Streets Report


Maintenance Report

Discussion on advertising for summer maintenance help. Discussion on the Fire Department interior lights. Discussion on replacing the City hall lights with LEDs. Motion by Sue Vogt, seconded by Ed Jons to purchase new LED lights for the City Hall, all stated aye; motion carried. Discussion on projects that need to be completed by end year.

Parks & Rec Report

Discussion on advertising for lifeguards and pool manager. Discussion on painting the pool this year, need to determine cost to do so. Discussion on replacing another pool pump this year, Jason will contact the company and get a quote on the pool pump.

Water & Sewer Report

Discussion on water loss report.

Zoning Report


Code Enforcement

Police report was given.

Finance Report

Claims and payroll were presented for the month as follows.

General Fund Claims

Bomgaars, Supplies…$384.05, Cuzn’s Corner, Equipment Fuel…$302.67, FFB, Payroll Tax…$170.20, Golden West, Phone/Internet…$113.74, Jason Jons, Reimbursement…$52.00, Jason’s Plumbing, Furnace Filters…$64.89, Jim's Garbage Services, Services…$100.00, Menards, Supplies…$1,111.75, Payroll, Salaries…$2,225.26, Quill, Supplies …$77.82, Rosebud Electric Coop, Utilities…$1,392.55, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$133.53

Water Fund Claims

FFB, ACH Billing Fee…$25.00, FFB, Payroll Tax…$130.39, NRWA, Rural Water Loan Payment…$289.68, Payroll, Salaries…$1,704.50, Riteway, Utility Bill Stock…$87.35, Rosebud Electric Coop, Utilities…$111.69, SD Dept of Health, Water Sample Test Fee…$15.00, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$102.26, TCWUD, Water…$1,809.75, USA Blue Book, PH Tester Supplies…$141.88, US Bank, DW SRF Loan Payment…$5,439.50, US Postal Service, Postage…$70.00

Sewer Fund Claims

FFB, Payroll Tax…$92.92, Payroll, Salaries…$1,214.60, Riteway, Utility Bill Stock…$87.35, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$72.87, US Bank, CW SRF Loan Payment…$4,844.47

Motion by John Moor, seconded by Maritta Brown, to approve payment of monthly claims and pay roll, all stated aye; motion carried.

Mayor Jerry Renken gave a verbal resignation as Mayor to the council, to be effective February 8, 2019.

Meeting Date

The next council meeting will be held on Monday March 4, 2019 at 6:30pm at the community room located at 402 Mellette Street.


Motion by John Moor, seconded by Maritta Brown to adjourn at 7:25pm, all stated aye; motion carried.


Cody Spann, City Administrator

Shelly Jons, Council President

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