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City of Bonesteel

Council Meeting Minutes



Council President Shelly Jons called the meeting to order on June 3, 2019 at 6:32pm in the Community Room located at 402 Mellette Street.  Present: Council members Sue Vogt, Shelly Jons, Mark Knutson, Maritta Brown and Ed Jons. Absent: John Moor; others present: City Administrator Cody Spann and Maintenance Supervisor Jason Jons.



Motion by Mark Knutson, seconded by Sue Vogt, to approve the agenda, all stated aye; motion carried.


Previous Minutes

Motion by Ed Jons, seconded by Maritta Brown, to approve the minutes of the previous council meeting as read, all stated aye; motion carried.


Old Business

Discussion on the purchase of a new computer for the office; the administrator is to look for one from Best Buy or other retail locations that will best suite the operating systems needed for the office equipment. Update on the SD Basic Code; the Administrator is still going through all the local ordinances two see which ones will needed to be added into Title 17 of the Basic Code.


New Business

Discussion on working with Fairfax and purchasing a mosquito sprayer that would be shared between both communities. Motion by Sue Vogt, seconded by Maritta Brown, to purchase the mosquito sprayer so long as Fairfax is willing to pay for half, all stated aye; motion carried. Discussion on working with the school on a possible purchase of a skid-steer for general use. No action taken at this time. Discussion on having District III Membership again this year; motion by Mark Knutson, seconded by Sue Vogt, to pay for the membership again this year, all stated aye; motion carried.


Streets Report

Discussion on the culvert repairs for Harrison and Aleta Streets; projects on Harrison Street will begin once the weather clears up and the contractor is available. There needs to be additional research on the Aleta culvert due to the condition and type of the culvert.


Maintenance Report

No Report


Parks & Rec Report

Paint for the baby pool has been ordered and will be completed this month. Paint for the big pool will be ordered at a later date.


Water & Sewer Report

Discussion on water loss report.


Zoning Report

No Report


Code Enforcement

Police report was given.


Finance Report

Claims and payroll were presented for the month as follows.


General Fund Claims

Bonesteel Enterprise, Publications…$79.25, Cahoy's General, Supplies...$63.39, Cody Spann, Red Cross Reimbursement...$200.00, Core & Main, Culverts...$1,749.28, Cuzn’s Corner, Equipment Fuel…$327.44, Davis Paint Company, Pool Paint...$287.96, FFB, Payroll Tax…$242.23, Golden West, Phone/Internet…$113.66, Hawkins, Pool Chemicals...$1,757.82, Jason Jons, Reimbursement…$35.00,  Jim's Garbage Services, Services…$100.00, Koenig Lumber, Supplies...$364.70, Payroll, Salaries…$3,166.50, Rick Schmitz Electric, Materials & Labor…$1,235.02, Rosebud Electric Coop, Utilities…$1,019.27, Rosebud Farmers Union, Supplies...$144.72, Schmitz Heating and Cooling, Materials & Labor...$1,911.85, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$129.27


Water Fund Claims

FFB, ACH Billing Fee…$25.00, FFB, Payroll Tax…$120.61, NRWA, Rural Water Loan Payment…$289.68, Payroll, Salaries…$1,576.70, Rosebud Electric Coop, Utilities…$78.28, SD Association of Rural Water, Annual Fee...$370.00, SD Dept of Health, Water Testing fee…$15.00, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$94.59, TCWUD, Water…$2,417.25

Sewer Fund Claims

FFB, Payroll Tax…$86.40, Payroll, Salaries…$1,129.40, SDRS, Retirement Investment…$67.76


Motion by Mark Knutson, seconded by Maritta Brown, to approve payment of monthly bills and pay roll, all stated aye; motion carried.


Meeting Date

Discussion on July's meeting date and time. Motion by Sue Vogt, seconded by Ed Jons, to move the July meeting from the first Monday to the second Monday due to not having all the bills in by the first, all stated aye; motion carried. The next council meeting will be held on Monday July 8, 2019 at 6:30pm at the community room located at 402 Mellette Street.



Motion by Mark Knutson, seconded by Ed Jons to adjourn at 7:27pm, all stated aye; motion carried.


Cody Spann, City Administrator

Shelly Jons, Council President


SDCL 10-11-13

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That the governing body, sitting as a Review Board of Bonesteel Township/Municipality, Gregory County, South Dakota, will meet at the Community Room in the said taxing jurisdiction on MONDAY, the 18th day of March, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. (being the 3rd Monday in March) for the purpose of reviewing and correcting the assessment of said taxing district for the year, 2019.

All persons considering themselves aggrieved by said assessment are required to notify the clerk of the local board no later than March 17, 2019.

Cody Spann


Dated 8 March 2019

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